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Perform  pre- and post-scans for every vehicle in your body shop with a single diagnostic tool.

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The Right Diagnostic Scan for Every Vehicle in Your Body Shop

With coverage for over 45 OEMs – including support for new, luxury, and electric vehicles – The asTech® All-In-One can perform pre- and post-scans by connecting to authentic OEM diagnostic tools or it’s own lightning-fast and guaranteed accurate carside scans.

OEM Scan Tools
OEM-Compatible Aftermarket Scan Tools
The Rules Engine
Warrantied Pre- and Post-Scans

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Authentic OEM Scan Tools

Short of buying every OEM tool yourself, asTech is the only way to connect to an authentic OEM diagnostic tool that’s operated by a certified technician for pre- and post-scans. Our patented, next-gen technology instantly links your shop remotely to virtually any OEM tool.

asTech authentic OEM scans are perfect for shops that:

  • Want to maintain or achieve an OEM Collision Center Certification without needing to purchase OEM tools.
  • Need to scan brand new, luxury, or electric vehicles.
  • Perform OEM diagnostic scans per an agreement or preference.

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OEM-Compatible Scans

OEM-Compatible (OEM-C) scans are exclusive to asTech scan tools. An OEM-C scan is an aftermarket scan that has been empirically verified and guaranteed to provide results that are equivalent to a scan from an OEM diagnostic tool. It’s an OEM-quality scan at aftermarket speed.

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The Rules Engine

The patented and proprietary asTech Rules Engine automatically identifies the best scan to use for every vehicle in your shop. When a vehicle can be safely scanned with an OEM-C scan tool it will enable that option for the technician using the asTech diagnostic device.

The Rules Engine can also be customized to further optimize your shop’s efficiency. Have an OEM certification that requires OEM Scans for certain vehicles you can set a rule to have the asTech device always perform that scan type for that brand. Or, if you always want the most cost-effective scan option chosen, you can force OEM-Compatible scans for every applicable vehicle.

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Warrantied Scans

Accurately diagnosing a vehicle after a collision has never been more important. The asTech All-In-One lets you repair with total confidence that you’ve performed a 100% accurate diagnostic scan. Every scan performed with an asTech device is indemnified with our industry exclusive warranty. No other scan tool or scan provider can provide you with the confidence and protection like asTech can.

Scan smarter. Choose asTech.

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