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For all your pre- and post-scanning requirements, asTech is the only device you need.

Quickly access our unrivaled database of OEM and OEM-compatible scan tools. Receive fast, comprehensive, easy-to-understand diagnostic reports powered by more than 400 certified technicians. Rest assured you’ll always get the most accurate and up-to-date information you need. Take confidence knowing asTech is the only company to back every scan by warranty.

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Repair with total confidence.

No matter the vehicle, take confidence knowing you’re always getting the best course of action to service and repair right, the first time. For years, asTech has led the way in diagnostic scanning to become the preferred choice of collision repair businesses of every size.

With thousands of OEM scans run daily, and an unmatched suite of OEM-compatible tools validated by countless hours of R&D, shops trust us to always guide them directly to the right fix.

Patented Technology

Our patented, next-gen technology instantly links your shop remotely to virtually all OEM and optional OEM-compatible tools. Never waste another cent on OEM-specific tools you don’t need. We’re relentless about continuously expanding and evolving our OEM tool database, and researching and developing compatible tools. We stay ahead of the curve, so your shop can too.

Power of choice.

It’s good to have options, especially when it comes to scanning. With one device, asTech always gives you two scanning options to choose from:

  • Remote OEM Scans – The perfect choice for newer vehicles. Instantly access over 1,000 official OEM scan tools operated by our live, on-demand certified technicians.
  • OEM-Compatible Scans – Quick, cost-effective, and performed locally car-side. When you select our recommended and validated OEM-compatible tool, feel secure knowing the scan is backed by our warranty.

Our engine. Your rules.

Our proprietary Rules Engine saves you money by suggesting the best alternative to an OEM scan tool. When an OEM compatible tool can be safely and reliably used instead, you’ll know. Shops can fully customize the Engine’s robust settings to follow their set scanning rules and match their unique workflow. You make the rules, the Engine follows them. The fully automated process is quick, easy, accurate and efficient.

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asTech – the choice is simple!

You just don’t know what you don’t know. Accurately diagnosing a vehicle after a collision has never been more important. asTech makes scanning, diagnosing, and repairing today’s complex vehicles easier than ever, from start to finish.

With a single device, you get countless benefits. asTech is the one tool your shop needs for streamlining workflows, minimizing repair downtime, and maximizing vehicle output. You’ll be returning more cars to the road safely in the quickest time possible, with happy customers in them.

Repair smarter. Choose asTech.

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