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Rely on us for every step of the repair process.

From the moment a vehicle rolls through your bay doors, asTech provides the diagnostic data, expertise, and insights required for a quality, fast, and safe repair. From blueprint to post-repair scan, trust asTech to help you get the job done right the first time.



For all your pre and post scanning requirements, asTech is the only device you need. Instantly access our unrivaled database of OEM scan tools or OEM-compatible scan tools.


adasThink is the industry’s most advanced ADAS identification system. Discover required calibrations and proper safety procedures, all in a matter of seconds.


asTech empowers you to perform dynamic and static ADAS calibrations in-shop with ease, speed, and confidence.


Vehicle repairs aren’t always physical. Your asTech device is your gateway to a variety of OEM programming events, initializations, key activations, and much more.

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