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Custom collision repair recommendations for every vehicle and identified DTC, instantly.

asTech insights uses the power of AI to analyze the results of your pre-scan to instantly generate a custom set of repair recommendations to complete your repair plan more accurately and efficiently.

An expert technician available 24/7.

For years, we’ve been providing expert repair recommendations from our certified technicians for our remote authentic OEM tool scans. Now, through the power of AI, we’re offering the same caliber of recommendations for our car side OEM-Compatible scans.

Within seconds of completing a pre-scan asTech insights analyzed the results to generate custom collision repair recommendations specific to the vehicle and identified DTC codes. It’s like having an expert technician for every brand by your side whenever you need them.

AI that’s trained like a technician.

Built by a team of technicians who understand the needs of body shops and techs, asTech insights was trained on over 40,000,000 DTCs and the recommendations provided by our certified techs.

It’s not a database of canned responses. asTech insights will identify root causes and generate custom holistic repair recommendations like those from an expert technician because it’s been trained like a technician.

Faster, more comprehensive repair plans.

Speed and accuracy are everything when it comes to collision repair. asTech’s AI-driven scanning and repair recommendations make it possible to improve both at the same time.

OEM-Compatible scans and asTech insights will enable you to both perform an OEM quality scan and build a complete repair plan in under seven minutes.

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