Can’t decide which scan tool to use? You’re not alone.

Knowing which scan tool to use for the job is tough. Choosing between an OEM tool or an aftermarket one is a major source of confusion and stress for repair technicians. For shop owners the wrong choice can directly impact their reputation and bottom line.

OEM or Aftermarket – what’s the difference?

OEM scanning tools are brand specific and deployed by manufacturers to their dealerships (and what they recommend repair shops use when scanning).

Aftermarket scanning tools are created using data from OEMs and provide the convenience of multiple brands being covered in a single tool. While they’re less expensive than OEM scan tools, aftermarket tools lag behind performance-wise.

So, what’s an OEM-compatible scan?

asTech has rigorously tested aftermarket tools across tens of thousands of vehicles on the road today. Only those proven to perform equally as well as OEM tools are classified as OEM-compatible. That means you get the same performance as an OEM scan but with aftermarket speed and cost.

asTech makes the choice easy.

Only asTech has a patented, customizable Rules Engine built right in. The engine evaluates each vehicle by make, model and trim level, then automatically recommends an OEM-compatible scan when it can safely and reliably be used. No more guesswork or inaccurate results, and you get the peace of mind of a safe repair.

So, stop worrying about choosing the right scan for the job. Trust asTech to do it for you. It’s that easy.

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