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asTech™ Acquires Mobile Diagnostics, LLC

Posted on 07/19/17

Plano, TX July 20, 2017 – Repairify, Inc., owners of the patented asTech device, completed its acquisition of Mobile Diagnostics, LLC.



Upcoming Industry Events With the asTech™ Team

Posted on 07/15/17

The team at asTech™ includes industry experts and certified master technicians who travel multiple times a year to leading industry events. With the first half of 2017 completed, here are just a few of the events team asTech™ attended: Collision Industry Conferences, CCIF in Canada, Square One Systems - Coyote Group, PPG MVP Conference, Auto Insurance Report Conference, and the all-important annual I CAR – CREF fund raiser in Atlanta.  Here are the events we are looking forward to in the upcoming months, and why you may want to consider attending one.


asTech is Now Open on Saturdays

Posted on 07/11/17

Congratulations - asTechTM heard you! In a recent customer satisfaction survey, we asked your repair facility if you were open for business on Saturdays. You said YES we are. We also asked you if your repair facility would be interested in requesting dianostic or vehicle electronic scan requests on Saturdays. You said, YES we would.



Repairify, Inc. parent company of asTech, acquires One Stop Mobile Solutions

Posted on 07/07/17

Plano, TX July 7, 2017 – Repairify, Inc., owners of the patented asTech™ device, completed its acquisition of One Stop Mobile Solutions, Inc.



Jeff Holder named Chief Operating Officer for asTech

Posted on 06/24/17

Plano, TX June 27, 2017 – Repairify, Inc., owners of the patented asTech device, named Jeff Holder as their new Chief Operating Officer. Mr. Holder will assume responsibility for the company’s field and remote operations. Jeff has over 25 years of management experience in the automotive and transportation industries.



What does the increased popularity of Auto Braking mean for repairers

Posted on 06/13/17

Automatic braking systems are helping reduce rear crashes throughout the country. Although this is a good thing, how does the increased popularity of Auto Braking affect repairers?



SCRS Education Committee Presents Scanning, Diagnostics and Calibration

Posted on 05/19/17

SCRS Education Committee Presents - Scanning, Diagnostics and Calibration Roundtable discussion about the importance of really understanding the complexity of the vehicle electronics and technology being placed on todays. Diagnostic trouble codes-MILs showing, MILs not showing, DTC’s introduced during the repair process, Camera systems are all discussed. asTech device discussed and shown at the 13:48 and 16:11 mark.



asTech™ Launches New Sales Page to Enable Online Shopping

Posted on 05/18/17

Plano, TX May 19, 2017 -- Repairify, makers of the asTech™ device, are now offering the ability to purchase the unit online. This change makes it even easier for shop owners to purchase a unit and get any collision repair shop connected to the information and skills that the team at asTech™ provides.



How the ASA is embracing vehicle scanning

Posted on 05/13/17

When a vehicle is damaged and comes into a repair shop to be repaired, diagnostic and vehicle electronic scans identify the exact problems before repairs begin. The American Service Association agrees with this practice.



How does telematics fit into the repair process

Posted on 05/09/17

Telematics have been part of the automotive industry for many years. The future of telematics with the repair industry means accurate and quicker repairs for the customer.