Electronic Module Programming

Your asTech device is your gateway to a variety of OEM programming events, initializations, key activations, and so much more.

Remote Programming

Many vehicle repairs are completed digitally. Most collision events require replacing ADAS sensors and updating module software – key factors in ensuring safe vehicles and happy customers. Your asTech device and our skilled remote technicians are your shop’s ticket to remote programming.

We do complex digital repairs.

asTech offers remote support for electronic module programming, coding, activations, resets, tests, and registrations. Your asTech device connects you by phone directly with one of our certified remote technicians. They guide you each step of the way, ensuring programming is successfully completed to OEM specification.

Key Registration

Electronic car keys and key fobs are now the norm. The process of registering, or “programming”, a key varies greatly from vehicle brand to brand. The asTech device enables key registration for a wide selection of vehicle brands, even those that may require OEM-proprietary systems.

Looking for mobile key replacement, vehicle scanning and other services for your fleet? Check out our sister brand FleetGenix!

Brand Coverage

We keep up with OEM specifications for a wide selection of brands.

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