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Identify the right scan tool with the asTech Rules Engine

With tens of thousands of vehicle scans and extensive research, we are continually developing our patented and proprietary database on OEM and high-performing OEM Compatible aftermarket scan tools. The Rules Engine recommends the most accurate and cost-effective scan tool option, every time.

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Repair with total confidence

For years, asTech has led the way in diagnostic scanning and we’ve spent years gathering data on OEM vs aftermarket scans. From that data, we’ve built our patented and proprietary Rules Engine that gives you more flexibility and control than ever before to choose the most appropriate scan tool for the job.

For virtually every vehicle you repair, you can take confidence knowing you have the most comprehensive and cost-effective diagnostic scan type for that vehicle. One that will read all of the vehicle’s modules correctly down to the year, make, model, and trim.

Scans backed by warranty

We are extraordinarily confident in our data. We indemnify shops that follow Rules Engine recommendations.

When you select and perform the scan type recommended by the Rules Engine, whether that is a Remote OEM or a local OEM Compatible Scan, asTech will stand behind the performance and quality of that scan with our warranty.

Choose your preferred scan

The Rules Engine gives you the power of choice. When the asTech device is connected, you’ll have three potential scanning options to choose from:

  • Remote OEM Scan – asTech remotely connects to over 1,000 official OEM scan tools operated by our live, on-demand, certified technicians.
  • OEM Compatible Scan – An aftermarket scan that our Rules Engine confirms to be just as comprehensive as an OEM scan. This scan provides OEM quality at aftermarket speed and cost.
  • Unverified Scan – A scan that hasn’t been verified by the Rules Engine to be equivalent to an OEM scan and therefore not indemnified like our Remote OEM or OEM Compatible scans.

Set the right rules for your shop.

It’s your shop, and our engine can follow your rules. Customize the Rules Engine’s robust settings to follow your set scanning rules to match your preferred workflow. If your shop requires OEM scans for specific brands, you can set the Rules Engine to only recommend and allow OEM scans for those brands.

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Learn more about the Rules Engine

Call, email, or fill out the form below to get a free demo to see the Rules Engine in action and learn how it can help your shop scan smarter and repair faster.

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