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August 31st, 2022

Build a Better Repair Blueprint

Think of repair blueprinting as your shop’s roadmap to success. Getting it right means faster, more accurate repairs, reduced headaches, greater efficiency, and yes, increased profits.

Your blueprint for success starts with insights

Creating an effective repair plan begins when the vehicle enters your shop. An asTech diagnostic pre-scan, paired with adasThink insights is your ticket to:

  • Understanding any required repairs and ADAS calibrations
  • Planning resources and people with more accuracy
  • Ordering parts well in advance
  • Scheduling your workflow more efficiently

No more guesswork, unexpected fixes, or costly mistakes. Just a crystal-clear picture of the repair journey ahead.

With an asTech pre-scan and adasThink ADAS insights you’ve done all the critical work up-front. In the end, your business is profitable, and your customers are safe and happy. That’s what a successful repair journey should look like.