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Posted on 08/10/18 Education

What are the Dangers of Failing to Recalibrate Blind Spot Sensors?

When repairs are made performed on blind spot sensors it’s important to ensure they are aligned and working correctly before returning the vehicle back to the vehicle owner. A recalibration... Read more

Posted on 08/10/18 Education

Why is Battery Support Important When Scanning a Vehicle?

When a vehicle is brought in for repairs, the technician should begin the repair process by checking to see if the vehicle diagnostics and or vehicle electronics have been damaged... Read more

Posted on 08/07/18 Education

What You Need to Know About Pre- and Post-Repair Diagnostic Services

A nearly new vehicle arrives for a collision repair. Where do you start? Naturally, the first step in the process is to assess the damage and compile an estimate for... Read more

Posted on 07/25/18 Education

The Importance of Researching OEM Repair Procedures

The collision industry is not a typical 9 to 5 job. You're dealing with customers who are emotionally and financially invested in their vehicles, and the responsibility is yours to... Read more

Posted on 07/23/18 Education

Frequently Asked Questions: asTech®’s Field Services and Vehicle Electronic Repair Services

asTech® has taken another step towards our ultimate goal of being recognized as the industry’s leading service provider for all vehicle electronic repairs. The recent acquisition of Mobile Diagnostics, LLC, by our... Read more

Posted on 07/16/18 Articles

Subaru of America’s Pre- and Post-Scan Position Statement Lists the asTech® as an Approved OEM Solution

Position Statement from Subaru of America Subject: Pre- and Post- Scanning of Collision Vehicles Subaru of America, Inc., July 2017 - With each new model, Subaru makes advancements in technology that... Read more

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