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Posted on 09/14/18 Education

Properly Replacing Door Panels: There is More to It Than You Think

When a vehicle door has been damaged, the first step in the repair process is to assess the extent of the damage done to the door, in order to determine... Read more

Posted on 09/04/18 Education

Why It’s Important Your Customers Sign a Diagnostic Repair Work Authorization Form

"The Check Engine Light wasn't on before the accident!" "I've never had a problem with the airbags before." "My engine was running perfectly before the collision, and now it stalls."... Read more

Posted on 08/31/18 Education

Identifying Bottlenecks in the Repair Process and Correcting Them

In most shops, back-ups can happen during the various stages of the repair process. The goal of any repair shop should be to increase output through improved efficiencies. In order... Read more

Posted on 08/31/18 Education

It is Important to Check OEM Procedures Before Beginning Any Repair

Each time a damaged vehicle is brought into a shop for repair, the technician needs to research the OEM repair procedures to know for sure exactly which repairs will be needed to complete a... Read more

Posted on 08/19/18 Education

Are Airbags Safe After Car Repairs? Why DTC Scans are Essential

A Kia involved in a collision should have had its steering wheel airbag deploy, but it didn't. A deeper look by investigators determined the airbag hadn't been connected by a collision repair... Read more

Posted on 08/19/18 Education

Solving the Skills Gap in Collision Repair

For the past number of years, a number of studies and reports have shown a growing shortage of skilled collision and mechanical technicians within the automotive industry. This is becoming... Read more

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