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Repairify, Inc. Parent Company of asTech® Expands Again and Opens New Center of Excellence in Irving

Posted on 10/16/18

Repairify, Inc., makers of the asTech® device, opened its new Center of Excellence this month in Irving, TX.



asTech® will be at Booth #15621 for the 2018 SEMA Show

Posted on 10/13/18

asTech® is excited to be back in Las Vegas next week participating in the annual SEMA (Specialty Equipment Market Association) Show, so visit us at booth #15621!



Why OEM Repair Procedures Have To Be the Repair Standard

Posted on 09/22/18

Collision repair has never been more challenging. OEM repair procedures have never had more importance. For safety, accuracy, and consumer confidence, repairing to OEM specifications is essential for the collision repair industry.



Why It’s Important Your Customers Sign a Diagnostic Repair Work Authorization Form

Posted on 09/05/18

Keep insurers, customers, and your shop on the same page with pre- and post-repair diagnostic scans. To achieve this, you need know the importance of getting a work order authorization form signed.



How asTech® Diagnostic Services Benefits Everyone

Posted on 08/14/18

Everyone involved in a collision repair has their own needs and concerns. The end goal is the same - a fully repaired vehicle as fast as possible. With asTech® diagnostic services, everyone stands to benefit.



How asTech® Does More than a Typical Scan Tool

Posted on 08/01/18

A vehicle's Airbag light comes on right before the customer arrives to pick it up. The repair process takes two weeks longer because a vehicle had to be sent to the dealer for diagnostics. It's time you don't have and add cost to the repair process. This issue is preventable if your repair facility is utilizing the expertise of the patented asTech® remote device


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Are You Ensuring Customer Safety with Post-Repair Calibrations?

Posted on 07/18/18

There are 10 published OEM position statements. This represents more than 80% of the vehicles sold in the US. Pre- and post-repair scanning is an important step ensuring customer cars are fixed to the standards dictated by OEM Repair Procedures. Having a proper Post Repair calibration process set up in your repair facility is a crucial component for safe and proper repair.


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What You Need to Know About Pre- and Post-Repair Scanning

Posted on 07/13/18

In a collision repair, what is the first and last thing you should do for every vehicle? If your answer is anything but a diagnostic scan, you need to check your OEM's information. A pre- and post-repair scan are mandatory, and there is some important information that you need to do it correctly.


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Are Airbags Safe After Car Repairs? Why DTC Scans are Essential

Posted on 07/08/18

An MIL doesn't give the full picture of required repairs. It's why pre-repair scans are mandatory for collision repairs. It's just as important to perform post-repair scans because a non-working airbag may have DTCs yet not set an MIL.


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Why Using OEM Repair Procedures is Essential

Posted on 07/06/18

Vehicles are more complex than ever. Repair facilities must have access to the OEM repair procedures to produce safe and proper repairs.