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Posted on 01/30/17 Education

All About Intelligent Lighting

Intelligent Lighting: The Beginning “Intelligent” automotive lighting has been with us since the 1950’s. A great example is the 1958 Cadillac… a simple photo cell receptor on the dash automatically... Read more

Posted on 01/12/17 Education

Performing a Diagnostic Scan Before Repair Work Begins Can Save Unnecessary Delays

When a complete diagnostic scan is conducted on a vehicle after a collision, not only will it accurately determine which repairs need to made, but it also can reduce the... Read more

Posted on 01/04/17 Articles

Toyota to offer standard auto-braking by 2018

In a move that could inspire other rivals to beat the industry’s 2022 deadline, Toyota announced Monday it will offer auto-braking standard on all but three Lexus and Toyota models by the... Read more

Posted on 11/30/16 Education

When Will Safety Tech Really Make a Difference?

There has been a great deal of press and research released in the last several months that have begun to question the how and the when of the advanced safety... Read more

Posted on 11/21/16 Articles

asTech™2 Remote Vehicle Scanning and Diagnostics

Collision Diagnostic Services of Texas has developed the second generation of their asTech remote scanner. Learn more about the asTech scanner. This equipment is priced currently in the $2,500US range making it affordable... Read more

Posted on 11/17/16 Education

How do you know if the anti-pinch feature works?

What is the Anti-Pinch feature? In simple terms - An electrical circuit monitors how much power the motor is using to close the window. Too much power indicates that something... Read more

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