AutoAuth® Access

Instructions for asTech® All-In-One Users

Visit the Official AutoAuth® Website

Why Do I Need AutoAuth® Access?

As vehicles become more complex, their systems require additional security features to ensure driver and vehicle safety.When these security features are present during local diagnostic services, approved diagnostic tools must be used to access vehicle systems and complete repairs.

To access the Secure Gateway during unverified and OEM Compatible scans on the asTech® All-In-One, customers must have their device registered to an active AutoAuth® account.

An AutoAuth® account is required to access the Secure GatewayModule on some Stellantis vehicles, 2018 and newer. If shops do not have these credentials, they will not be able to clear codes or perform Service Functions.

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How to Connect

  1. Get an approved tool. Currently, the only approved asTech® tool is the All-In-One.
  2. Connect your tool to the Internet.
  3. Log in to your AutoAuth® account at If you do not have an account, you will need to create one to gain access to security-restricted features.
    1. AutoAuth requires an annual fee of $50 for each shop. Additional fees may apply; please visit the AutoAuth FAQ at for additional information.
  4. Add the tool to your AutoAuth® account by searching the tool type and adding the serial number.
    1. Go to Manage Tools.
    2. Select + Add Tool.
    3. From the drop-down menus, select the Manufacturer and Tool Model, then enter the Serial Number for your device (do not include the trailing “V0” if referring to the back of the All-In-One tablet).
      1. Please note that each tool will be associated with the shop that it has been registered with in the AutoAuth® portal.
    4. Click Add Tool once all information is correct. If the addition was successful, it will display under the Manage Tools window.
  5. Once your tool is registered on your AutoAuth® account, it should be ready to access the Secure Gateway Module.