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asTech™ is poised to change the collision repair industry by making accurate remote diagnostics accessible to shops of every size. Here is a look at how asTech™ device works and what information you can expect to get from an asTech™ device.

What Is an asTech™ device?

The asTech™ device is a remote diagnostic tool that allows collision shops and repair technicians to have a vehicle scanned before or after repair work is done. Scanning ensures that all of the vehicle’s issues have been fully addressed and that all systems are working properly.

How Does It Work?

  1. The technician connects the asTech™ device to the vehicle, puts the key in the car, turns the ignition to ON, and connects a battery support- this will keep the car battery from dying during a scan
  2. The technician goes to to submit a service request
  3. An OEM master technician will send a message to the asTech™ device informing the shop that the scan is about to begin
  4. Once the scan is completed, the asTech™ master technician transmits a full report to the shop

What Information Do You Get?

  • Find out what issue is causing the dashboard warning lights to stay lit
  • Ensure all sensor systems are functioning properly
  • Identify any hidden damage due to collision
  • Information about hidden problems that do not cause a warning light

Where Can You Get One?

Go to the “Get an asTech™” page to order your asTech™ device today.