Repairify Institute is dedicated to partnering with the automotive service industry in new and meaningful ways that ensure the service readiness of our customers.

Press Release

To achieve this, we are creating an education and support model that includes:

  • A revolutionary course development process called adaptive learning
  • An enhanced virtual classroom experience creating a more personalized experience
  • A series of live in-person classroom events in multiple markets
  • A mentorship support program that tracks progress of learned new skills
  • A Proof of Skill concept that ensures every student can demonstrate mastery of the skills they’ve learned.
  • A certification system to recognize those that have demonstrated mastery of skill with credentials that have meaningful value in the industry

Centers of Excellence

The Centers of Excellence provide the industry with the opportunity to grow talent in both knowledge and demonstrated skill rather than just exposing a student to content in a classroom or online that assumes they are able to put the knowledge presented into action.

To achieve success, we plan to open several Centers of Excellence the first of which will be in the Dallas Texas area with plans to open others in each time zone and strategically located allowing students the ability to easily drive or take a short flight to events.

ADAS Checklist

The ADAS Certification list is designed as a career pathway for those who want to become experts in the area of ADAS service. The base certification coupled with each additional OEM specific certification will be presented via the processes defined above resulting in completion of our Proof of Skill for this discipline.

ADAS Checklist

As vehicle technology continues to advance, the vehicles we service will continue to become even more complex. It is important for repair facility owners to begin the process of upskilling their talent and establishing high standards for their team members in order to successfully provide their customers with safe and proper repairs. If they wait until these new technologies become commonplace, it will be too late and they will lose market share to those that did prepare early.