asTech Remote Diagnostic Device

The patented asTech® remote diagnostic device is backed by the power of certified master technicians using OEM factory scan tools to search for, identify and resolve the diagnostic, electronic, and computer related trouble codes resulting from collisions. The process is perfect for automotive repair shops that want to improve shop and technician efficiency, control severity, improve cycle times, reduce loss of use, meet more guaranteed completion dates, secure better results for the DRP partners and loyal customers all while keeping the car in the production lane at the repair facility.

Identifying each of the diagnostic related issues that need immediate attention after a collision has never been more important. The asTech® process makes the process easier than ever.

  • Simple Setup and Operation

    The asTech unit is easy to set up. It only requires a power source and an internet connection to work.

  • Identifies Hidden Issues

    Under the control of our master technicians the asTech device together with the OEM factory scan tools is able to identify electronic issues that wouldn’t be possible to detect by visual inspection.

  • Easy Record Keeping

    asTech service provides documentation of every scan performed.

  • Supports Multiple Makes and Models

    The asTech unit connects to vehicles from most popular manufacturers.

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