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Earn more revenue for virtually every new vehicle you repair. asTech will partner with your shop to provide the technology, tools, and training you’ll need to perform ADAS calibrations

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Keep ADAS calibration revenue in-house with asTech.

ADAS calibrations are a huge revenue opportunity for your business and asTech is your key to seizing that opportunity. Our technology and training enables shops nationwide to perform ADAS calibrations and capture more revenue per RO.

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Future Proof your Business

Virtually every new vehicle will require a calibration in the event of a collision. asTech is your partner in performing ADAS calibrations in-house.

Our technology helps your shop earn that extra revenue from calibrations and reduce cycle time by enabling you to complete the repair without sub-letting or outsourcing.

Dynamic Calibrations

40% of all required calibrations are dynamic which can be completed with just the asTech device. No targets or bulky shop equipment required.

asTech enables anyone in the shop to complete dynamic calibrations quickly, accurately, and safely. Just plug in the device and go. You’ll automatically be connected to a certified technician by phone who’ll walk you through the process every step of the way.

Static Calibrations

The asTech device is your shop’s automatic gateway to our expert remote calibration technicians. They’re on standby and ready to guide your team through each step of the OEM procedure. No matter the vehicle, they’ll make sure it’s always calibrated correctly, to spec, and ready to safely return to the road.

John Bean Tru-Point

asTech pairs seamlessly with Tru-Point, an integrated calibration system, enabling you to streamline the process and keep more calibrations (and revenue) in-house.

Simply connect your asTech to the vehicle and follow the steps on Tru-Point to properly position and align targets. When you’re ready, an asTech certified calibration technician will call you to walk you through the rest of the way!

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