SCRS Positioning Statement

In 2011, the Society of Collision Repair Specialists (SCRS) along with other national entities representing collision repair businesses and technicians across the U.S. issued a definitive position recognizing the standard of repair for collision damage. The statement read:

“We hereby recognize published repair procedures, as provided by the Automobile Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM), as the official industry recognized repair standards for collision repair. These standards, where they exist, shall be the basis for the establishment of training, testing, repair practices and documentations.

Whereas, we acknowledge that OEM repair procedures are incomplete in comparison to the full scope of vehicles and repair operations which exist in the marketplace; the OEM published repair procedures shall serve as the baseline for industry repair standards, with the recognition that further development of procedures will be necessary in areas not covered by published procedures.”

This statement remains as true today, as it was in 2011; and while the statement in 2011 encompassed all published collision repair procedures, it is equally inclusive of published diagnostic and mechanical operations required from a collision and the subsequent repair.

It remains SCRS’ position that if an OEM documents a repair procedure as required, recommended or otherwise necessary as a result of damage or repair, that those published procedures would be the standard of repair until such time the documentation changes. Disregarding a documented procedure that is made available to the industry creates undue and avoidable liability on the repair facility performing the repair.

For more information about accessing OEM documented repair procedures and positions, SCRS encourages collision repair facilities to research www.oem1stop.com and https://rts.i-car.com/.


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