SRS Occupant Detection System (ODS) Troubleshooting & Repair InformationApplies To: ALL 2000 and Newer Vehicles with SRS and OPDS/ODS, August 2012

Revision Summary

Information was added under Sections 2 and 4.

This job aid helps explain the operation and repair procedures for the ODS (occupant detection system), the OPDS (occupant position detection system), and the SWS (front passenger’s seat weight sensor) system.

Use the chart below to locate the information or service procedure that you will be doing.

If you need to know or do this… Review this job aid section
Prepare the vehicle and front passenger’s seat for ODS/OPDS/SWS initialization or calibration. Section 1
Vehicle & Front Passenger’s Seat Set-Up
Understand ODS seat weight sensor function, or how and what each HDS ODS inspection checks. Section 2
ODS Seat Weight Sensor & HDS Inspections
Determine the correct HDS inspection to do during SRS or front passenger’s seat repairs. Section 3
ODS Repair Summary Table
The ODS/OPDS/SWS doesn’t initialize. Section 4
ODS/OPDS/SWS Doesn’t Initialize
Overview of ODS terminology and evolution. Section 5
ODS Terminology & System Evolution


Section 1: Vehicle & Front Passenger’s Seat Set-up

To prepare a vehicle and its front passenger’s seat for ODS/OPDS/SWS initialization and calibration, do the following:
NOTE: These instructions provide general guidelines. Refer to the appropriate service manual for model-specific information.

Remove all objects from the front passenger seat cushion, the seat-back pocket, and from under and around the seat and frame; this includes removing any accessory parts that could interfere with your SRS ODS checks and repairs, such as seat covers, seat pads, or back support items.

Verify that all components attached to the front passenger’s seat have been correctly installed.