February 2014, B14020D CMBSCMBS Indicator On with CMBS DTC P2583-97

Affected Vehicles

All models with CMBS where the millimeter wave radar looks through the front grille upper molding

Is the CMBS indicator on with CMBS DTC P2583-97 (dust or dirt on the millimeter wave radar)? Before going into heavy troubleshooting, make sure the vehicle doesn’t have a non-CMBS front grille upper molding. This could happen if the vehicle has some body work done and a non-CMBS molding was installed. The millimeter wave radar can’t see through that type of molding and you wind up with this problem.

The back surface of the CMBS front grille upper molding is dull black; the one for the non-CMBS molding is metallic looking. Here’s a view of the moldings from a 2014 MDX with and without CMBS. We’ve removed the front grilles from the vehicles for clarity. You’re looking through the driver’s side opening in the front grille base.


Front Grille Upper Molding (2014 MDX With CMBS)


Front Grille Upper Molding (2014 MDX Without CMBS)

If you find the vehicle has the non-CMBS molding, replace it with the CMBS molding and clear the DTC. If the vehicle has the CMBS molding, then continue with normal system troubleshooting.

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