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Why It’s Important Your Customers Sign a Diagnostic Repair Work Authorization Form

Posted on 09/04/18 - Updated On: 01/21/19

"The Check Engine Light wasn't on before the accident!"

"I've never had a problem with the airbags before."

"My engine was running perfectly before the collision, and now it stalls."

"Why do I have to pay for the diagnostic charge or repair?"

If you've been in the collision repair industry for any length of time, you've heard discussions just like these. Customers may get upset if certain pre-existing conditions may not be related to the accident. Only OEM tools can retrieve the live vehicle data present in the car prior to the accident.

Using the asTech® diagnostic process gives you and your customers the right answers to what conditions were present prior to the accident. Properly explaining the purpose of the Repair Authorization Form will instill confidence in your customers at the beginning of the repair process.

A Work Order Authorization Form Prevents Confusion

When you employ the asTech® remote diagnostic device, you're able to view diagnostic trouble codes and live data on a much deeper level. You have inside knowledge regarding how many starts and miles were driven since the DTC was set. You will often be able to determine if the malfunction indicator lamp was illuminated prior to the accident. For some models, it can be as comprehensive as the time and date of when the trouble code first occurred and whether it is constant, intermittent, or accident related.

With heightened awareness and importance around personal privacy; it’s important to have a signed Repair Authorization Form in the store’s work file. The form helps to ensure that the vehicle's historical data is collected correctly. It also provides the ability for your repair facility to get paid for the diagnostic work.

Why a Work Order Authorization Form is Important to the Shop Owner

It's important for shop owners to obtain a signature on a work order authorization form. Initially, it's a guarantee that the time spent on pre- and post-repair diagnostic service will be paid, but it goes further. The authorization form allows the shop to perform pre-and post-repair diagnostic services to ensure the customer's vehicle is diagnosed, repaired and returned to its OEM intended operating condition.

The work order authorization form provides full transparency about the tools and technology that may be used to repair the customer’s vehicle.

Insurance Companies Value a Work Order Authorization Form

A properly executed Work Authorization Form provides value to the insurance carrier. In certain situations, a diagnostic service is the only way to determine what current conditions were present prior to the accident. This helps insurers stand firm on information collected from pre-repair diagnostic service reports. Having a properly signed work order authorization form is key to keeping the proper process.

Work Authorization Form Benefits the Customer

In some situations, a customer may be hesitant to sign a work order authorization form because it allows you to perform an asTech® diagnostic service. If the benefits are properly explained most customers will understand a safe and proper repair is the goal for any quality collision repair facility. The asTech® diagnostic process will help the customer understand the complex vehicle electronic systems present in their car. A vast majority of insurance companies pay for the asTech® service because they know OEM tools and ASE Certified Master Technicians are involved in every asTech® diagnostic service.

A properly signed work order authorization form protects all parties involved in the repair process.

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