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Posted on 10/28/16 Education

Advances in Technologies Affect all Aspects of our Industry

Advances in automotive technology have allowed major auto manufacturers, innovators and collision repair professionals to make significant changes in the way cars are driven, crashed and repaired, which in turn... Read more

Posted on 10/24/16 Articles

AsTech™ Remote Diagnostic Device Changing the Way Collision Repair Shops Operate

Jake Rodenroth, Director of Client Services for Collision Diagnostic Services, will talk about the future of vehicle repair at this year’s SEMA conference. Collision repair is now intertwined with technology,... Read more

Posted on 10/20/16 Education

Why are pre and post scans important to the claim approval process?

When a vehicle has been involved in a collision, it’s imperative to identify which parts or systems need to be repaired or replaced. Doing a pre scan prior to repairs... Read more

Posted on 10/20/16 Education

Evaluating and Valuing Vehicles with the Help of Diagnostic Scanning

Modern Vehicle Technology The automotive industry has converged with the electronics industry. Electronic technology is now being used in vehicles in ingenious ways. New vehicles have electrical components that control... Read more

Posted on 10/17/16 Education

Diagnostic scans are the key to providing a clear and precise repair estimate

Modern vehicle technology has made vehicle repairs more sophisticated, and the advancements just keep coming. No longer can a technician or insurance appraiser perform a repair estimate just by looking... Read more

Posted on 10/17/16 Education

How Does Repair Planning Aid the Claims Process?

Computer Age The collision repair industry is at a crossroads --computer controlled electronic intensive vehicles have changed the industry in ways that would have seemed like science fiction just 10... Read more

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