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Posted on 04/05/18 Education

Enhanced Vehicle Technology Affects the Collision Repair Process

There's good work, and profit to be made, repairing vehicles with advanced technology, if your repair shop is willing to embrace these complex repairs, and turn them out with impeccable... Read more

Posted on 03/16/18 Articles

Top Places for Hidden Vehicle Damage After a Collision

After a collision, hidden damage can occur in many sections of the vehicle and be difficult to detect. This infographic gives a breakdown of the parts of the vehicle that... Read more

Posted on 02/20/18 Education

Revolutionize Your Automotive Repair Shop with a Pre- and Post-Repair Diagnostic Service Process

You're all too familiar with the downside of vehicle repairs: wasted time, dissatisfied customers and repair cost overruns that you need to fight to collect. The best, and most profitable,... Read more

Posted on 02/20/18 Education

Important Items to Consider When Building your Diagnostic Repair Process

After a vehicle has been involved in a collision, there may be hidden damage Although the vehicle is drivable and appears to be operating normally, without diagnostic testing, it is impossible to... Read more

Posted on 01/10/18 Education

What Does the Increased Popularity of Auto Braking Mean for Repairers

Automatic braking systems are just one of the many Advanced Driver Assistance Systems that help drivers reduce crashes. These systems use sensors and brake controls to help prevent high-speed accidents.... Read more

Posted on 12/29/17 Education

Identifying Trim Levels Before Repair

Vehicle trim levels refer to different versions of the same model of vehicle, but with different features and equipment. For vehicle models that use several trim choices, automakers usually offer... Read more

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