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Posted on 06/30/18 Articles

A Recap of asTech® Training Videos

A Recap of asTech® Training Videos At asTech®, we’re always looking for new and innovative ways to connect with repair shops who use our diagnostic device and technicians who want to... Read more

Posted on 06/27/18 Education

Diagnostic Scan FAQ

The diagnostic scan is one of the valuable services delivered by the asTech® Remote Diagnostic Device. Diagnostic scans information can help can provide valuable answers to the cause of hidden damage and electronic... Read more

Posted on 06/26/18 Education

Have You Mastered Occupant Classification Systems in Collision Repairs?

Nearly every vehicle that passes through your collision repair shop's doors is 10 years of age or newer. Each one is almost assuredly equipped with an Occupant Classification System, or OCS.... Read more

Posted on 06/15/18 Education

Which trouble codes are causing your repair delays?

When a vehicle is dropped off at a repair shop, the estimator has the responsibility of estimating the accident related damage which may include diagnostic and vehicle electronic damage. Repair... Read more

Posted on 04/28/18 Press Release

asTech® and Cooks Collision Partner to Roll Out Comprehensive Diagnostic and Vehicle Repair Solution

Plano, Texas Apr 26, 2018 — Repairify, Inc., the makers of the patented asTech® diagnostic device have partnered with Cooks Collision to build a comprehensive diagnostic and vehicle electronics repair solution for their thirty-eight... Read more

Posted on 04/27/18 Education

Importance of Customer Authorization

When a vehicle has been involved in an accident, it’s critical for the technician to identify exactly which parts or systems need to be repaired or replaced. This is no longer something... Read more

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