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More Than Just Diagnostics: Benefits of Using Mobile and On-Site Repair Services

Posted on 01/27/18

Picture a brand-new make of car coming into your shop. Whether it's an off-make, or a car that's been completely redesigned, the first-time repair is always the most difficult. Your technician doesn't have the knowledge or familiarity with the new car, and finding repair procedures, and the right diagnostic flowcharts or documents can be a big challenge. You might not even have the right tools for the job!

asTechTM can help! The patented asTech™ remote diagnostic device provides your repair facility access to OEM factory scan tools operated by ASE Certified Master Technicians. Technicians who are capable of quickly diagnosing and solving the repair challenges associated with working on brand new cars. asTech™ technicians actually fix the issues they find. They do so while keeping the car in the production lane at the repair facility. asTech™ master technicians provide a comprehensive report upon the completion of every pre and post repair scan. asTech™ also provides a written warranty with every completed service request.

In addition to the asTechTM remote diagnostic device, there are two other valuable repair services asTech™ delivers today.

asTech™ In-Shop Mobile Services

Let’s face it. Some diagnostic repairs require a much higher skill level to resolve. Sometimes the complexity of the repair is beyond the capability of the shop technician and the remote service provider. asTechTM field service is the right solution for these next level repairs: repairs that require hands on support. A quick service request sent to asTech™, dispatches a master technician directly to your repair center. The In-Shop asTechTM master technicians have the skill set to fix even the most complex of diagnostic repair issues.

Sensitive airbag replacements, steering column repairs, complicated wiring harness repairs, dashboard removals, headliner drops, key programming, cylinder coding and even mobile ozone treatments for odor removal are all solutions asTech™ field service can provide. Mobile technicians arrive in fully equipped vehicles ready to perform the needed repairs at your shop. This service reduces repair cycle time, lowers rental costs, and improves shop efficiency while significantly lessening the shop’s reliance on expensive and efficiency wasting trips to the local dealership groups. 

asTech™ On-Site employee repair services

Some high volume repair centers require a specialized level of service. They need a diagnostic expert to “own” the vehicle electronic repair process as the shop. asTechTM on-site employee repair service is an excellent option for shops who need someone to manage the complex process for the shop.

On-Site asTech™ employees actually free up human resources at the repair facility; resources that can be deployed in other areas of the business. On-Site asTech™ employees match the diagnostic scan volume with the right number of asTech™ devices required to handle the scan volume. Your On-Site asTech™ technician attends morning production meetings, educates others in the shop on diagnostic and vehicle electronic issues, and works hard to seamlessly integrate his/her mechanical aptitude into the ongoing collision repair operation.

Everyone Wins with asTechTM Enhanced Services

Improve your shop's workflow and bottom line with asTechTM remote, mobile and on-site technicians. The right solution to today's problem vehicle is just a click away.

  • When you choose asTechTM, you improve the efficiency of your repair center! You now have the right resources working on the right repairs.
  • Your shop saves money and time by avoiding costly sublet operations to the dealership. Shop profits will rise, while cycle times and rental costs fall. Your key insurance metrics will improve.
  • You will deliver a higher level of service to every customer. Your repair facility will be providing safer repairs. Your overall repair quality will continue to improve.
  • Let asTech™ help you run a better, more profitable business.

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