How Does Telematics Fit into the Repair Process

Education posted on 01/28/19

Automotive telematics offer consumer-based services that allow wireless connectivity. This allows repair shops to use telematics to obtain important remote vehicle diagnostics.

Telematics is a system that can talk to the onboard powertrain computer. If a problem with the vehicle occurs and a Diagnostic Trouble Code is created, telematics can report the problem back to the repair shop. Telematics can also offer remote diagnostics if an issue has a potential of being serious.

Telematics assists the repair process

Many of the telematics technologies already work on the vehicle’s network. This would include Vehicle Stability Control (VSC), Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS) and accident avoidance or lane departure systems, to name a few. Telematics is putting together a variety of technologies to merge them together.

When the telematics unit is connected to the vehicle onboard computer, certain types of problems may be fixed by downloading new settings or calibrations to the vehicle’s onboard computer. Diagnostic information is provided to the vehicle owner and repair shop, because modern vehicles now are equipped with telematics.

Connectivity will continue to expand thanks to the faster connections, on modern vehicles. Faster connections allow more data to travel in both directions: from the vehicle to repair shop and from the repair shop to the vehicle.

Working together

Once the onboard diagnostics detects the malfunction of one of the sensors, the telematics system will report the Diagnostic Trouble Code to the repair shop and have the replacement part ordered, delivered and ready to be installed. This saves time, money and inconvenience to the vehicle owner.

Telematics will allow the repair shop to determine more quickly if a component or vehicle system is not working properly, which means they can fix it in a more timely fashion. This creates a better customer service value between the vehicle owner and the repair shop. However, performing a diagnostic pre-scan with the asTech® device confirms exactly which repairs will be needed before repairs begin. Telematics gives repair shops a step up with repairs.


Once the repairs have been completed, the repair technician should then perform a post-scan with the asTech® device. This will determine if all repairs have been identified and completed before the vehicle is returned to the vehicle owner.

For more information on the advantages of using the asTech® device, contact our master technicians today.

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