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How asTech® Diagnostic Services Benefits Everyone

Posted on 08/14/18 - Updated On: 11/02/18

Insurers, collision repair shops, and customers - each have very unique interests when it comes to the repair process. Insurers want to know vehicle repairs are performed properly, quickly, and cost-effective. Repair facilities need to perform the right repairs, on time, and within the estimated amount of the repair. The car owner wants his/her vehicle fixed right, on time and at no additional cost to them.

The trick for the repair facility is matching the needs of each stakeholder in the repair process. It's easy to accomplish this outcome using the patented asTech® remote diagnostic device backed up by the asTech® mobile repair option.

asTech® Benefits Insurers

Insurers can rest easy when they're dealing with a facility using the asTech® repair solution. There are many assurances that the repair process will be documented and supported by OEM factory scan tools operated by ASE Certified Master Technicians.

asTech® pre-repair diagnostic service allows repair shops to provide exceptionally accurate and timely repair estimates. Repair recommendations are provided every time. The repair facility is able to identify all of the parts required to fix the car before repairs begin thus eliminating costly delays on the back end of the repair process.

The asTech® remote diagnostic process provides repair facilities with the diagnostic and vehicle electronic repair expertise most repairers do not have on staff. asTech® reduces the unnecessary costs and delays subletting certain repairs can cause. When using asTech® the repairs are completed in a timely manner. Sublet charges are avoided, unnecessary rental days are eliminated, more guaranteed delivery dates are met, and customer service scores are improved. All of these outcomes lead to more satisfied customers for the insurance carriers which leads to higher retention rates.

asTech® Benefits Repair Shops

Collision repairers benefit from using the asTech® remote and mobile repair services. With the assistance of the patented asTech® remote device repair shops can turn difficult diagnostic and vehicle electronic repair issues over to the trained professionals at asTech®. Using OEM factory scan tools operated by asTech® ASE Certified Master Technicians, repair facilities can focus on other important repair issues. Repair centers using the asTech® diagnostic repair process can repair more vehicles in less time. In the case of more complex diagnostic repairs, asTech® Mobile repair technicians can come directly to the repair facility to complete the repairs. This process eliminates the need to sublet the repair to a third party which can cause lengthy repair delays and add additional expense to the overall cost of repair.

asTech® technicians have access to all of the OEM repair procedures. They provide guidance, support and technical expertise that can easily be understood and followed by your repair technicians. Customer comebacks are reduced, satisfaction is increased, and your insurance results are improved which leads to the opportunity to fix more cars.

A collision repair shop can add value to both insurers and customers simply by implementing the asTech® remote and mobile repair solutions.

asTech® Benefits Customers Most!

Customers benefit from asTech® services. First and foremost, their vehicles are repaired safely and properly. Shops are able to use the information asTech® provides to follow OEM repair procedures, provide fast and accurate repair estimates, and deliver repairs on time with no delays.

The customer is provided peace of mind knowing the car was fixed right and delivered with all of the Advanced Driver Assistance Systems working as intended.

Make the decision today to let the asTech® remote and mobile solution work for you.