Educating Insurers and Customers Key to Getting Paid for Diagnostic and Vehicle Electronic Repairs

Education posted on 09/27/18

Proving the value in diagnostic and vehicle electronic repairs to insurance companies and customers involves building a process. Vehicles have many electronic parts and diagnostic systems, and OEMs recommend scanning vehicles with the asTech® Remote Diagnostic Device. When sensitive electronic and diagnostic systems are damaged in a collision, they must be repaired properly, or the vehicle will not be returned to pre-accident condition. Body damage is generally easy to identify, but diagnosing all of the damage done to the diagnostic and electrical systems of a vehicle is far more difficult to do without the OEM recommended diagnostic service.

The electronic complexity of modern vehicles requires different tools and technology. Performing a diagnostic scan with an OEM recommended device like the asTech® Remote Diagnostic Device, must be done to properly determine which parts, and/or systems will require repairs or replacement. A diagnostic scan after the work has been completed is also needed to verify that there is no remaining damage or unresolved issues. The diagnostic repair process benefits the vehicle owner, the repair facility and the insurance carrier. Unfortunately, the value of these services is sometimes questioned, because of a lack of information about the critical nature of the pre- and post-scans.

To better educate your customers and insurers, try emphasizing these benefits of a true diagnostic repair solution service for electronic vehicle repairs:

1. Diagnostic Scans Help Facilitate Claim Approvals

Without a proper diagnostic repair process, it is impossible for insurers, repair facilities and vehicle owners to assess the extent of damage to one of today’s highly complex vehicles. Pre-repair diagnostic service with an asTech® Remote Diagnostic Device helps identify all of the damage done to a vehicle during the accident. Performing a diagnostic service request (pre-scan) can reduce repair cycle times, lower unnecessary rental costs, improve the ability to meet guaranteed completion dates, and improve overall customer satisfaction. A proper diagnostic pre-repair process may help the repair facility and insurer identify total losses earlier in the repair process. Many types of electronic damage are difficult to identify until the repair work has already begun, making a pre-scan necessary.

2. Post-Repair Diagnostic Service Validates the Vehicle is Restored Per OEM Setup

A post-repair diagnostic service from asTech® verifies that all systems on the vehicle are working as the OEM intended after the repairs have been completed. In fact, most of the OEMs require it, and recommend the asTech® Remote Diagnostic Device. Ordering a Diagnostic Service Request is essential to restoring a vehicle to the OEM’s intended capability, and ensures that all of the repairs have been completed properly. The asTech® service is especially useful for calibrating electronic systems, performing relearns on autonomous panels, and validating the Advanced Driver Assist Systems are in working order. A post- repair diagnostic service with the OEM recommended asTech® Remote Diagnostic Device will reduce customer comebacks which are one of the leading causes of poor customer satisfaction scores and reduced policyholder retention.

3. Proper Diagnostics Eliminate Unnecessary Repairs

Customers routinely pay for a diagnostic fee to assess the electronic damage before the problem can be fixed. This process is a common source of dissatisfaction for customers, because they still have to pay the diagnostic charge even if they choose not to move forward with the repair. Some do-it-yourselfers try to avoid paying diagnostic charges by replacing parts believing this is the less expensive way to fix the problem/issue/or warning light. However, this approach still requires the customer to pay for the part, which is often non-refundable. Having a standardized diagnostic repair process in place eliminates the guesswork. Performing a proper diagnostic service using the patented asTech® Remote Diagnostic Device provides a fully transparent process for every customer. Diagnostic service checks eliminates the guesswork and the need to “throw” parts at the issue, which can quickly become an expensive and ineffective way to solve the issue.

4.  A Proper Diagnostic Repair Process Can Shorten Cycle Time and Prevent Repair Delays

Many customers bring their vehicle into the repair facility because a manufacturer’s warning light has turned on. A repair facility must have access to the proper tools and technology to diagnose the complex technology manufactured into today’s vehicles. Installing a standard operating procedure around diagnostic repairs will save time, money and improve the efficiency of the repair facility. Having access to the right OEM tools and information is crucial to building a complete solution.

5.  Diagnose it Right the First Time

The asTech® repair process allows repair facilities to work on any vehicle, even if they don’t have an on-site mechanic or a vehicle electronics technician. You can trust asTech® to be your “go-to” resource when it comes to building your diagnostic and vehicle electronic repair solution. Contact us today to learn more.

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