Diagnostic scans are the key to providing a clear and precise repair estimate

Education posted on 10/17/16

Modern vehicle technology has made vehicle repairs more sophisticated, and the advancements just keep coming. No longer can a technician or insurance appraiser perform a repair estimate just by looking at the damage. Cosmetic damage is easy to spot, but other damage such as electronics, seat weight sensors and body panels may have had the slightest shift after a collision, and these issues cannot be detected by the naked eye.

Advantages of a Diagnostic Scan

Performing a diagnostic scan after a vehicle collision, but before repairs begin, assists the technician in determining the actual damage. Many components which may be damaged can be easily identified with a scan using the asTech™ device.  The pre scan with the asTech™ device is critical to providing a clear and precise repair estimate.

Without the diagnostic scan, there may be hidden damage which will go unnoticed and not be repaired, which may affect the operation of the vehicle, and leave the consumer dissatisfied. Identifying any mechanical failures after the repair process has been completed could mean adding time and cost to the repair. The vehicle may have to be disassembled once again to repair those problems correctly. Even minor collisions can cause loose connections for a variety of vehicle sensors and electronics.

Reduced Delays

Once the diagnostic pre scan is completed, the technician can then have an accurate readout of which Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTC) have been activated. Since the Malfunction Indicator Light (MIL or check engine light) doesn’t always show all DTC’s, using the asTech™ device, and the scan report generated by the CDS master technician, is a key step to providing a clear and precise repair estimate.

This diagnostic scan can determine which repairs will need to be made before the vehicle is disassembled. It can also reduce the time the vehicle is in the repair shop. This means savings to the insurer for vehicle rentals and added repair time.


The amount of repair time and the degree of accuracy is worth considering when deciding if a diagnostic scan is required. It is far less expensive to pay for a proper diagnosis with the asTech™ device than it would be to replace parts based on a guess of what may need to be repaired, miss repairs that cause delays further down in the production stream, or worse, return a partially repaired vehicle to a customer.

For more information on the advantages of using the asTech™ device, contact CDS master technicians today.

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