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Posted on 09/27/18 Education

Educating Insurers and Customers Key to Getting Paid for Diagnostic and Vehicle Electronic Repairs

Proving the value in diagnostic and vehicle electronic repairs to insurance companies and customers involves building a process. Vehicles have many electronic parts and diagnostic systems, and OEMs recommend scanning... Read more

Posted on 09/20/18 Education

Why Using OEM Repair Procedures is Essential

Every customer who comes through your door deserves outstanding service, and a safe and proper repair every time. Today’s vehicles are much more complicated to repair. Future technological advances will make... Read more

Posted on 09/19/18 Education

Building a Consistent Diagnostic and Vehicle Electronic Repair Process

In the business of collision repair, there are a couple of things you're guaranteed: hard work and change. Accuracy and efficiency play important roles in running a quality driven and... Read more

Posted on 09/14/18 Education

How the ASA is Embracing Vehicle Scanning

Accuracy is critical when it comes to vehicle repairs. Identifying the exact problems before repairs begin is in the best interest of repair technicians and repair shops. The best way... Read more

Posted on 09/14/18 Education

Properly Replacing Door Panels: There is More to It Than You Think

When a vehicle door has been damaged, the first step in the repair process is to assess the extent of the damage done to the door, in order to determine... Read more

Posted on 09/04/18 Education

Why It’s Important Your Customers Sign a Diagnostic Repair Work Authorization Form

"The Check Engine Light wasn't on before the accident!" "I've never had a problem with the airbags before." "My engine was running perfectly before the collision, and now it stalls."... Read more

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