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Posted on 11/14/18 Education

What are Advanced Driver Assistance Systems? and How Do They Protect You?

Although Advanced Driver Assistance Systems such as anti-lock brakes (ABS), electronic stability control (ESC) and traction control have been around for decades, today’s modern vehicle has many more advanced systems... Read more

Posted on 11/14/18 Education

How Can Mobile Diagnostics Improve Your Business?

Although many repair shops have a process that involves outsourcing electronic repairs; taking the damaged vehicle to the dealership to have a diagnostic service it before and after the repair... Read more

Posted on 11/04/18 Education

Diagnostic Pre-Scans Identify Pre-Existing Issues

When a vehicle has been involved in a collision, it is imperative to identify all parts or systems that require repair or replacement. Using an asTech® device to perform a pre-repair... Read more

Posted on 11/02/18 Education

How asTech® Diagnostic Services Benefits Everyone

Insurers, collision repair shops, and customers - each have very unique interests when it comes to the repair process. Insurers want to know vehicle repairs are performed properly, quickly, and... Read more

Posted on 10/19/18 Education

How asTech® Does More than a Typical Scan Tool

The detailer drives the car into the wash bay for a clean before it's delivered back to the customer, but there's a problem. The Airbag light is on. Of course,... Read more

Posted on 10/18/18 Education

Why You Can’t Rely on Warning Lights to Diagnose Repairs

When a vehicle isn't diagnosed properly it cannot be repaired correctly and that can lead to unhappy customers. Not all vehicle electronic or diagnostic issues cause a malfunction indicator lamp... Read more

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