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Posted on 12/12/18 Education

Identifying Collision Repair Shop Variables Sooner Rather Than Later

Performing safe, cost effective, and timely repairs revolves around both execution and planning. Bottom line, if a shop doesn’t execute accurate vehicle disassembly, damage analysis, and timely parts procurement- the... Read more

Posted on 12/12/18 Education

Air Bag systems estimates, diagnostics and repairs

If, When, and Why to replace an airbag module or other components during a collision repair By Chuck Olsen, Diagnostic specialist. The Initial inspection When a vehicle is presented to... Read more

Posted on 12/12/18 Education

CDS/asTech® Air Bag System SOP to save Time and Money

Inspection/pre-repair scans with air bag deployments or air bag light on During the past year our remote technician team has scanned and calibrated over 2500 vehicles involved in collisions with... Read more

Posted on 12/03/18 Education

asTech® Can Help Repair Shops Improve Repair Planning

With the new year approaching fast, repair shop owners should already be looking forward to the New Year and planning how they can identify additional revenue streams, retain more repair... Read more

Posted on 11/26/18 Education

Why Post-Repair Calibration is So Important

Imagine this scenario: a customer picks up their vehicle from a collision repair facility, satisfied with the external repairs. On the drive home, the Blind Spot Monitor doesn’t perform as... Read more

Posted on 11/14/18 Education

Are You Ensuring Customer Safety with Post-Repair Calibrations?

Are Post-Repair Calibrations Part of Your Process? The OEM position statement for Kia on pre- and post-repair diagnostic service is concise and doesn't leave room for interpretation: "After a collision has occurred,... Read more

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