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Posted on 12/12/18 Education

More Than Just Diagnostics: Benefits of Using Mobile and On-Site Repair Services

Picture a brand-new make of car coming into your shop. Whether it's an off-make, or a car that's been completely redesigned, the first-time repair is always the most difficult. Your... Read more

Posted on 12/12/18 Education

Introduction to Occupant Classification Systems

Passenger safety systems Occupant Classification Systems (OCS), Seat Occupant Sensors (SOS), Occupant Detection Systems (ODS), Passenger Weight Systems (PWS) are names for the various passenger safety systems designed to detect... Read more

Posted on 12/12/18 Education

8 Questions You Need to Ask About Diagnostic Services

When you are performing a repair, you want to know what’s wrong with the vehicle before you start replacing parts. But how do you know your diagnosis is correct from... Read more

Posted on 12/12/18 Education

A Guide to Basic Trouble Codes

Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs) are found in a vehicle’s onboard computer system. When a fault occurs, the code number is detected and corresponds to the type of fault, which can... Read more

Posted on 12/12/18 Education

Overview of New Sensor Technology

Experienced professionals in the auto body repair industry understand that repairing vehicles correctly has become more complicated each year. With anywhere from 60-100 different sensors in the average new car,... Read more

Posted on 12/12/18 Education

Checking for Hidden Damage: Reducing Extraneous Repairs

An Estimate is Only an Estimate For most of us, writing an estimate is a means to an end. The goal for writing the estimate is to identify exactly what... Read more

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