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Posted on 05/24/16 Education

Diagnostic scans eliminate unnecessary delays

Performing diagnostic scans before and after a vehicle collision not only determines which repairs need to be made, but reduces turnaround time in the repair shop. The sooner the vehicle... Read more

Posted on 04/18/16 Education

Scan Tool Functionality and Application in Today’s Collision Repairs

With the increasing amount of technology introduced into vehicles over the past few years and continuing heavily into the future, the need for access to advanced level diagnostics and scan... Read more

Posted on 01/29/16 Education

How Does The asTech2 Benefit Insurers?

The asTech2 is a new remote diagnostic scanner that not only benefits collision repair professionals and auto repair shops, but also helps customers who come into the shop and the... Read more

Posted on 01/25/16 Education

How do New Technologies Affect the Insurance Industry?

Technology has allowed major auto manufacturers, innovators and collision repair professionals to make huge advancements in the way cars are driven, crashed and repaired, which in turn impacts the auto... Read more

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