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Posted on 10/17/16 Education

How Does Repair Planning Aid the Claims Process?

Computer Age The collision repair industry is at a crossroads --computer controlled electronic intensive vehicles have changed the industry in ways that would have seemed like science fiction just 10... Read more

Posted on 10/10/16 Education

How the asTech™ device helps minimize false & secondary claims

Scanning vehicles that arrive in the collision repair shop with the asTech™ device is a simple way to reduce the instances of secondary and false insurance claims. By identifying all of... Read more

Posted on 10/04/16 Education

A Guide to Blind Spot Monitor Placement

Modern vehicles are increasingly equipped with many new features which make the roads a safer place for everyone. However, these new technologies increase the challenges for technicians. Many vehicles are... Read more

Posted on 08/08/16 Education

Is this condition accident related?

We have all heard the stories of “everything worked fine before the accident.” These claims can be difficult to assign the responsibility of the repairs to whether the condition is... Read more

Posted on 07/26/16 Education

Tire Pressure Monitor System: FAQ

Tire pressure sensors are located within the Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS). The TPMS is a safety device which measures, identifies and warns the driver when one or more tires... Read more

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