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Posted on 06/02/17 Education

CDS Air Bag Systems Glossary and Component Guide

Air Bag Module; AKA “(SRS) Supplemental Restraint Module” “(RCM) Restraint Control Module” “(ORC) Occupant Restraint Module” “(CSM) Crash Safety Module” “(MRS) Multiple Restraint System Module”. This is the Main Box... Read more

Posted on 05/19/17 Education

SCRS Education Committee Presents Scanning, Diagnostics and Calibration

SCRS Education Committee Presents - Scanning, Diagnostics and Calibration Roundtable discussion about the importance of really understanding the complexity of the vehicle electronics and technology being placed on today's cars.... Read more

Posted on 03/30/17 Education

How Does Auto Technology Change the Insurance Claim Process?

New vehicles, equipped with advanced onboard technology, are making their way into auto body repair shops at a much faster rate than ever before. This means that both collision repairers... Read more

Posted on 02/20/17 Education

OEM Collision Repair Technology Summit – Restoring Vehicle Functionality through Electronic Technology and Diagnostics

OEM Collision Repair providers discuss the featured tools and solutions available to the industry for restoring functionality utilizing diagnostics and electronic technology. The discussion covers different mechanisms in the collision... Read more

Posted on 01/30/17 Education

All About Intelligent Lighting

Intelligent Lighting: The Beginning “Intelligent” automotive lighting has been with us since the 1950’s. A great example is the 1958 Cadillac… a simple photo cell receptor on the dash automatically... Read more

Posted on 01/12/17 Education

Performing a Diagnostic Scan Before Repair Work Begins Can Save Unnecessary Delays

When a complete diagnostic scan is conducted on a vehicle after a collision, not only will it accurately determine which repairs need to made, but it also can reduce the... Read more

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