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Posted on 12/13/17 Education

How Does the asTech™ Benefit Vehicle Owners?

The asTech™ remote scanning device provides a number of benefits for repair professionals and customers alike. This infographic gives some insight into how customers benefit from choosing a repair professional who... Read more

Posted on 12/13/17 Education

How Communication Plays a Key Role in Building a Successful Diagnostic Repair Solution

There are a number of benefits to having a pre-scan done with the asTech™ device before starting the repair. When hidden damage is revealed in the pre-scan results, specific replacement parts and... Read more

Posted on 12/12/17 Education

Winter’s Effect on Automatic Electronic Systems

Winter can be tough on vehicles; we all know that. Salt from de-icing is likely eating away at the metal, but damage can also affect the vehicle’s automatic electronic systems.... Read more

Posted on 12/11/17 Education

Getting Maximum Benefits from Auto Braking

Each year, new technology is added to vehicles making them safer for both drivers and their passengers. These technologies are sophisticated though, and require a thorough understanding of them before... Read more

Posted on 10/27/17 Education

Quick and Easy Low Tech Battery Check for Conventional Non-Hybrid Vehicles

Low battery voltage due to discharged, failing, or damaged batteries can create problems for your repair processes. The same can be said for poor terminal connections. These are the leading... Read more

Posted on 10/27/17 Education

What are Two of the Most Important Safety Features on a Car That Must be Recalibrated After Any Accident?

Of the many safety features modern vehicles have, the features most used are seatbelts and airbags. One of the most important steps in the repair process is recalibration once repairs... Read more

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