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Building a Consistent Diagnostic and Vehicle Electronic Repair Process

Posted on 04/16/18 - Updated On: 12/12/18

In the business of collision repair, there are a couple of things you're guaranteed: hard work and change. Accuracy and efficiency play important roles in running a quality driven and profitably run collision repair center. That's why highly skilled repair technicians get a sinking feeling when they run into an unexpected malfunction indicator lamp or a difficult diagnostic/vehicle electronic issue during the repair process.

Shop owners and technicians can reduce a significant amount of the “unexpected” issues they confront on a daily basis by considering the asTech® diagnostic and vehicle electronic repair solution. Performing an asTech® pre-repair diagnostic service request, which uses only OEM factory scan tools, operated by ASE certified master technicians, identifies all existing electronic issues, provides repair recommendations, and a simple to understand explanation of all Diagnostic Trouble Codes identified during the pre-scan. A pre- and post-repair diagnostic process will turn the frustrating task of diagnosis into an outsourced repair solution that drives peace of mind.

Pre-Diagnostic Repair Process

Consult the Customer and Get a signed Pre-Authorization

Let the customer know the necessary steps you'll be taking to get their vehicle back on the road, including the diagnostic scans. Consider sharing with them the asTech® Customer Education Document. They can educate themselves while they wait for the estimating process to conclude. Tell them it’s your intention to present the invoice to their insurance company for payment. Be sure to share both the importance, and the cost of the asTech® process with them in case their insurer refuses to cover this recommended repair cost. You'll find most customers appreciate the information. Educated customers can become advocates for the proper repair process.

Check for MILs and ADAS

Perform a visual inspection for MILs prior to the repair. Record their presence with photos, if at all possible, for proof. Understand the trim level of every vehicle. Look for the presence of ADAS systems. Some of these critical safety and frequency reducing safety systems include: adaptive cruise control, lane keep assist, collision warning, blind spot monitors, autonomous emergency braking. Specifically, check for damage done to front and or rear camera systems and document the damage in the repair order.

Educating Your Customers is Key

Consult the Customer and Get a signed Pre-Authorization

Keeping the customer informed is a key step in any successful repair process. It’s important to share the repair plan your facility will use to properly diagnose and repair diagnostic and or vehicle electronic damage. This process may include ordering an pre-repair asTech® diagnostic service request. Consider sharing the asTech® Customer Education Document with every customer. This important document allows the customer to educate themselves while they wait for the estimating process to conclude. Tell them it’s your intention to present the invoice to their insurance company for payment. Be sure to share both the importance and cost of the asTech® process with your customers. It will help you and your customer be prepared for the conversation you’re likely to have with your insurance adjustor. You'll find most customers appreciate the information. Educated customers can become an advocates for the proper repair process.

Perform Pre-Repair Diagnostic Service

Perform the asTech® diagnostic service request before any disassembly begins. The patented asTech® Remote Diagnostic Device connects directly to the vehicles in your shop. Once connected to your vehicle, using the internet, the service request connects the car to the OEM factory scan tool operated by an ASE Certified Master Technician. Because asTech® only uses OEM tools, the process secures the vehicle build data, all TSBs, current OEM recall information, and all available freeze frame data. Once the asTech® pre-diagnostic service is completed a comprehensive report is automatically sent, via email, to your repair facility within a few minutes. The report includes the name and contact number of the technician who performed the service request. The patented asTech® process provides expertise to a highly complex portion of the collision repair process. asTech® supplies a warranty with every completed service request.

Post-Repair Calibration and Post-Repair Diagnostic Repair Service

Based on the detailed diagnostic information gained during the asTech® pre repair service request you'll identify necessary calibration needs, initialization and aiming procedures that will need to be completed prior to delivering the car back to your customer. After the vehicle is repaired and reassembled order an asTech® post repair diagnostic service request. The asTech® post repair diagnostic service ensures all previously identified DTCs have been corrected, various calibration procedures were completed successfully and the vehicle is ready for delivery. To make sure codes don't return, a test drive is necessary.

A clearly defined pre- and post-diagnostic repair process will help customers and insurers understand the repair needs as well as the associated diagnostic costs. It also enhances the customer experience and ensures everyone understands their financial responsibility.

To learn more about building a diagnostic repair process, contact asTech® today.