A Recap of asTech® Training Videos

Articles posted on 06/30/18

A Recap of asTech® Training Videos

At asTech®, we’re always looking for new and innovative ways to connect with repair shops who use our diagnostic device and technicians who want to stay at the forefront of the industry. Videos are a great way to check out the asTech® Remote Diagnostic Device in action and learn from our expert technicians. If you haven’t had time yet to check out our new training videos playlist on YouTube, here’s a quick overview of what you missed.

Company Overview: What Makes asTech® Different?

“We want the asTech® name to be synonymous with great technology, great repairs, and as a leader in the industry.” Wade Varner, Vice President of Integration

At asTech®, we are committed to providing expert quality service that helps collision repair shops advance their skills. This video lets you get acquainted with our leadership team and our innovative headquarters in Plano. Showcasing some of the tools that our team uses, the video also captures the collaborative spirit of our work. Our master technicians are often seen huddled together to help a repair shop solve a complex problem, or diagnose the real cause for a malfunction indicator light illuminating.

Getting Started: Unboxing the asTech® Unit

When you purchase your first asTech®, you receive much more than just the diagnostic device. This video walks you through what to expect when you first open the box that contains your asTech™ device and so much more. To make setup of the diagnostic device easy, we include a welcome letter and a mini asTech® shaped USB device that helps to configure Wifi to work with your new device, and holds important warranty information. There are a few tips to keep in mind as you unpack your device to help it work optimally, including:

  • Keep the antennas on the end of the device pointed out to help the Wifi connectivity
  • Read the text messages on the front of the device to get important alerts
  • Use the CAT 5 cable if you experience issues with your Wi-Fi or do not get Wi-Fi in your shop

You’ll also find a Cat 5 cable, DLC port connector and some of our asTech® gear for your shop.

Ready for Action: Connecting Your Device to The Network

The asTech® Remote Diagnostic Device is meant to be simple to operate, and connecting to the network should be a quick and easy process. This video walks you through the steps of getting connected through a wired connection or Wifi so you can choose the process that works best for you. You can hear for yourself the sounds that the asTech® Remote Diagnostic Device makes when properly connected and when there are connection issues, which will help you as you operate your own device.

Your First Diagnostic Service: How to File a Service Request

Filing a service request with asTech® is the first step to begin working with the asTech® team on vehicles in your shop. If you aren’t fond of filling out forms online, or computers in general, this video walks you right through the simple process to make it easier for you to complete. This helps you get an idea of all the information you’ll need to have handy before you attempt to make your first service request, including:

  • The serial number and key number listed on the bottom of the asTech® Remote Diagnostic Device
  • VIN Number of the vehicle you are working on
  • The type of diagnostic service you want to run

Troubleshooting: Why You Need Battery Support When Performing a Diagnostic Service

One of the frequent issues that new asTech® users encounter is forgetting to attach battery support to the vehicle before the diagnostic service process begins. This can lead to issues with the accuracy of the diagnostic service report, as some modules will not show on the diagnostic service if the vehicle has low voltage when the asTech® Remote Diagnostic Device is running. In this video, users get a full demonstration of the proper way to attach battery support before requesting a diagnostic service.

While we’ve tried to recap the important features covered in each video, the best way to learn from them is to watch them yourself. To watch these videos on YouTube, click here, and don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel while you are there. We post the latest clips of our team, industry news and training videos to help you stay informed as the industry continues to change at a rapid pace.

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