5 Tips to Get the Most Out of Your asTech Device

Education posted on 07/25/17

Having the proper tools and using those tools to your advantage are two separate issues. Getting the most out of your asTech™ device means servicing the vehicle owner by ensuring all of the repairs are done properly. Here are just a few tips to help repair technicians and repair shops get the most out of their asTech™ device.

From the beginning

Maintaining proper battery support is critical to the diagnostic process. In order to provide battery support, the technician should connect a proper battery charger or a battery voltage maintainer to the vehicle while in key on engine off (KOEO) mode. Following this essential first step ensures a proper diagnostic scan will take place.

Perform a diagnostic pre-scan to identify what parts need to be repaired or replaced.  A pre-scan with the asTech™ device identifies any pre-collision damage. It also identifies any hidden damage before repairs begin. The pre-scan will determine exactly which Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTC’s) are present before the repairs begin.  In modern vehicles, Malfunction Indicator Lights are only triggered in a small number of situations.  Lack of an MIL does not mean that there are no Trouble Codes present. Performing an asTech™ pre scan will provide a full reporting of all the DTCs.

During the repairs

OEMs regularly update diagnostic repair procedures for all of their newer vehicle models. The updates provide critical information on required repair procedures that are necessary to perform safe and quality repairs. This information plays a crucial role for the repair technicians. They should always have the most current OEM data to complete the repairs required to return the vehicle to pre-collision condition, and the technician should check the OEM procedures before repairs begin. OEM repair procedures can often change from one day to the next. Using the patented asTech™ device ensures you always have the most up to date information.

After repairs

Recalibrations play a significant role in the repair process.  After identifying and replacing all of the damaged parts on the vehicle, the technician is ready to recalibrate. Repairs are not completed until all of the DTC’s and faults are cleared and confirmed repaired through a post-scan, also called a Completion Scan, with the asTech™ device. The asTech™ ASE Certified Master Technicians play a crucial role in this process. The diagnostic post-scan ensures that all of the repairs have been successfully completed.


Using the asTech™ device reduces unnecessary repair delays, reduces loss of use costs, plus, because our ASE Certified Master Technicians are using the OEM Factory Tools, they provide the most accurate repair information for the shop and improves the overall customer experience.

For more information on the advantages of using the “asTech™” device, contact one of our master technicians today.

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