asTech® Mechanical

Complete Every Repair In-House

Perform vehicle health checks, calibrations, and special functions for all major manufacturers with a remote, bi-directional connection to authentic OEM tools through a single device.

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Your gateway to authentic OEM tools for all major manufacturers.

Perform programming, health checks and other functions that require OEM tools for all major manufacturers without having to send the vehicle out or sublet.

Every Factory OEM Tool In One Device.

Get the All-In-One for your shop to remotely connect to every OEM tool for all major manufacturers.


Erase all or specific DTCs and Maintenance Lights such as
brake, oil, or service indicator, Perform comprehensive Health Checks on all modules.

ADAS Calibrations

Quickly identify required ADAS calibrations and complete both static and dynamic calibrations in-house.


Perform special functions for such coding, variant coding,
configuration, activation, registration, and initialization.

Diagnostics, ADAS Calibrations, Programming

For every vehicle in your shop, all you need is asTech.

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