New Extended Hours Now Available

Headquartered in Plano, Texas, AsTech focuses on providing OEM diagnostics to collision repair shops nationwide. Our service enables shops who may not have expert level electronics technicians to work on any vehicle, no matter how complex, and receive advice from a master technician. Our patented asTech™ remote diagnostic device is the leading tool for automotive repair shops that want to perform more efficient work and guarantee better results for customers. With the help of our staff of certified master technicians and Automotive Technicians, identifying all of the issues that need repair on any vehicle is easier than ever.

Employee Benefits and Growth Opportunities

Working within AsTech you will have the opportunity to work with a wide variety of vehicles, the newest equipment, and access to learning all 8 sections of the comprehensive ASE certification and training program, trust us you will have no trouble finding something to love about growing your career with AsTech! 

  • Paid time off
  • Paid training
  • We offer a comprehensive benefits plan including medical, dental, vision, 401k 
  • Technician pay plan means you are paid for all time worked, plus overtime 
  • Several advancement opportunities both in office and in the field
  • We offer variable shifts to allow for home and work life balance