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Who We Are

Headquartered in Plano, TX, asTech® focuses on providing OEM diagnostics to collision repair shops nationwide. Our service enables shops who may not have expert level electronics technicians to work on any vehicle, no matter how complex, and receive advice from a master technician. 

Our Team

Our staff draws on real world experience along with asTech® training to pinpoint the exact cause of issues within a vehicle to recommend solutions and repairs that work. 


The price is good for dealership-level scans. I have blown a whole lot more money on other scanners that I’ve never really even used. This tool is a whole lot cheaper and very practical financially.

— Kyle Wiersma

The asTech® Remote Diagnostic Device is the tool of tomorrow. It allows us to complete our repairs in-house and more importantly, give us the peace of mind in knowing we have done the job right. Although we are in an area that does not service high-end vehicles locally, we have had success in educating our adjusters with this tool. Regardless of the price of the scan, we are able to order ALL the parts needed in the teardown. Which, in turn, will eliminate the need to send it to the dealership at the end of the repair with the dash light on, only to find out we need a sensor.”

— Matt McDonnell