Scanning, Diagnostics, and Calibration made easy. 

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  • Repair vehicles right the first time
  • The choice of OE scan tool or validated aftermarket scan tool diagnostics 
  • Access to 100s of ASE certified master and dealer trained technicians
  • Keep vehicles in production lane
  • Shortened cycle time

Why choose asTech®?

Improve Customer Satisfaction

asTech® offers a total solution for your shop's needs, getting the vehicle repaired correctly the first time and quickly back on the road as safely as possible, reducing cycle time and increasing customer satisfaction.


The asTech® unit is easy to set up. It only requires a power source and an internet connection to work and is integrated in with CCC SecureShare and third party systems.


Under the control of our ASE master technicians, the asTech® device together with the  exclusive use of OEM factory scan tools identify electronic issues not apparent by visual inspection, ensuring a safe and proper repair of the complex electronics system. 


asTech® service provides documentation of every scan performed, including viewing and downloading summary reports and invoices.

Keep up with the latest vehicle technology

“All of us professionals know that when working on these newer driving computers that there are “unknowns".... With an AsTech scan, from the beginning we actually get the inside scoop and now “known vs unknowns”! "

Aaron Kipp,  

Training Manager, Central Auto Body

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  • Reduced liability exposure
  • Dedicated diagnostic personnel to your organization
  • Access to the most up to date and accurate diagnostic data based on OEM build data and OEM repair procedures
  • Save on expensive tooling
  • asTech® provides access to all OEM tools using one device for all customers
  • Easy to use mobile app for on the go diagnostics

Did you know asTech can help you with Calibrations? asTech can help you perform both dynamically and statically using our remote service. Many vehicles you repair today and send to the dealer for calibration work can be dynamically calibrated without the need for expensive OEM or aftermarket targets.  If you have calibration targets asTech can help you perform static calibrations as well.  asTech does thousands of remote calibrations for our customers every week. Why not for you? Why not keep that revenue in-house?  All you need is an additional asTech device devoted to calibrations. asTech has a plan to get your repair facility in the calibration business with no up-front cost to you! 

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